Vito’s Story

Vito Loli's artistic abilities have shown up since he was in school. This was a very happy time for him and his friends at the Maryknoll School, where he excelled in drawing and arts, besides creating comics for the joy of his many friends.

When Vito entered college, he always obtained the highest grades in design courses, achieving a South American Award for designing an entire sales seminar. During his studies at Ricardo Palma University he also worked for the San Isidro District City Hall, from where he obtains good recommendations for further jobs.

Only a term away from graduating, Vito traveled to the USA, where he worked in the contracting business, deriving to house design, which got him closer to furnishing and decoration. His name became well known in California, where he began designing commercial stores (mainly restaurants), and then Vito started painting murals for California's best known hotels. One of these paintings was featured in Tehachapi's main newspaper frontpage. This made him get more requests to paint murals in many places, such as colleges, institutes, and even more commercial establishments. Here, Vito meets his ex-wife and have two children, his beloved Bianca Loli Eastwood and Angelo Loli Eastwood.

When he came back to Peru, in 1993, Vito donated his murals project to San Borja's City Hall. Although he couldn't develop this project due to time limitations, but he was very closely involved as a supervisor.

Since then, Vito paints in his workshop, having already presented his work in three exhibitions:
- One for Club Regatas's members in Maria Ester Revilla's house, which was a total success.
- A second one as a benefit for Volver a Vivir (Live again) Institute, which was presented at the Av. Las Artes 360 San Borja headquarters, from which he gained great reviews and had the opportunity to help with rehab patients.
- His third exhibiton takes place with the full support of the Peruvian Embassy in the USA and the Peruvian - American Chamber of Commerce, on July 7th, 2001, at the "La Giralda" gallery, in Coral Gables, Miami. This exhibition turns out as higly acclaimed, in a level that got Vito to be interviewed by many important media in Florida.

At the same time, Vito decorated important restaurants such as “el Salto del Fraile”, “A modo mío”, “Ricota”, “Alfresco”, “El Hawaiano”, “English Pub”. He also designed and decorated Television sets for popular shows such as “Campaneando”, “de 2 a 4”, etc. Vito designed theater sets as well, for plays such as: “Los Duendes de punto en blanco”, “Homenaje a los amigos”, “Alicia en el País de las Maravillas”, “La Astilla”, “Peter Pan”, etc. where he designed all the visual image and graphic design, too. He was also hired in “Canal 9”, a Peruvian television broadcaster, as a creative writer and designer and he has also designed more than 50 logos and packaging in these last years.

Vito has done some very important work, such as:
- He was asked by the Peruvian Air Force (Gnrl. ORLANDO DENEGRI), to create a homage to the Peruvian-German Archaeologist MARIA REICHE, discoverer of the world famous Nazca Lines, in the room that has her hame in DIGAF's offices.(Air Force Aero Photographical Division).
- Another important work was two murals requested by Ambassador Jaime Stiglich for the Foreign Affairs Office.

His work has also graced places such as Metro Roller, with 20m and more murals, as well as El Bosque Club, where he painted a 70m mural, entertainment centers in supermarkets, discotheques, pubs, gyms and many more.

In the last two years, Vito has dedicated almost exclusively to his painting workshop. He has managed to arrange a disciplined painting routine from 1am to 7am, which gives him a good work flow and quietness while working. This is helping him to develop and enrich a personal technique which is maturing in time. Lately, Vito has been subject of many interviews, some of which focus in the fact that Vito is, in fact, the world recognized French artist PAUL GAUGUIN's grandnephew. This was quite a discovery for him and for the media. In the present, Vito is constantly receiving diverse invitations to exhibit his work around the world.

Vito Loli
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