Vito Loli - Exhibition
Vito Loli is the grand nephew of renowned French artist Paul Gauguin. Loli is a self-trained artist who knows how to effectively blend various techniques and materials to portrait his passion for nature and the female body.

Most of his artwork integrates these two passions, accomplishing images that are very personal and provocative.

Through his artwork, the artist tries to share his introspective voyage, using nature as a metaphor.

In his portraits, Vito blends female faces with nature's manifestations, such as birds, fish, butterflies and trees. Many of these portraits depict the native beauty of which he is so passionate about.

Where: Centro Comercial Camino Real C-67, San Isidro
When: Monday to Friday. 4:00p.m. - 12:00p.m.
Vito Loli
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