Vito Loli Rumbo a París - Art Exhibition
Vito Loli is a self-taught Peruvian artist, distantly related to the famous French painter Paul Gaugin, who has worked thoroughly to combine a diversity of techniques and materials to express his passion for nature and feminine figures. Most of his work has been created as a set of very personal, rather provocative images, that attempt to share the artist’s introspective journey with the rest of humanity. This will be Loli’s last exhibition in Lima before his definite leave for Paris.

When: Friday 18th September, 7 pm – Saturday 17th October, 7 pm
Where: Casa Galería Privada Vito Loli - Los Aviadores 217, Surco
Free Admission
For more information please call 372 2648 or write to
Vito Loli
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