Vito Loli Art Exhibition

On the evening of June 7th, Peruvian artist Vito Loli's paintings were exhibited for the public at Giralda Café in Coral Gables.
His creative and original style awarded the public with breath taking views of everyday and abstract sceneries. Unfortunately Mr. Loli was not able to attend this event, missing on the magical feeling that flowed between art and admiration.
Present at this event were Mrs. Luisa Gamio de Collado, Peruvian Consul General and Mr. Dino Pisfil, president of the World Fine Art Cultural Organization.

Vito Loli

Alberto Loli Narvaes was born in Lima, Peru 1954. The artistic abilities of Vito come from an artistic background and from prominent well known artists. Among his relatives are: great grandfather Paul Gougin, who was the son of Alina Gougin which was Otilia Lanfranco's niece. Otilia had a son Alberto Loli Lanfranco which is Vito's father. Vito's artistic abilities began in elementary years, a very pleasant time for his classmates, where he stood out of the others in drawing comic strips for his whole class for entertainment. When entering the University to become and architect, he would always obtain the best grades in design. During his studies at the Ricardo Palma's University, Vito had done enormous artwork for the Peruvian government and private sectors. When he finished the University he moved to California, and worked as an architect and interior decorator.

Vito with his lovely personality soon became to be well known by the Los Angeles community and re-designed hotels as well as commercial stores. He created a large and very special mural at the Tehachapi High School in California that made the front page of the Los Angeles newspaper. He returned to Peru in 1993 and donated murals to the San Borja community in Lima. To this present date Vito dedicates his time creating paintings in his workshop. He has had two art exhibitions, which were quite successful. He also worked in stage background of theaters. Among other companies he worked for are: Channel 9, Peruvian Air Force, Exterior Minister, Biz Street as well as very well selected clients in Peru and Chile.
Vito Loli
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